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  • ★PERFECT TENSION RATCHET SLACKLINE : The slackline kit comes with a ratchet tensioner and tree protectors. This slackline kit gives you everything you need to install the main line of the slackline in under 5 minutes. It improves your balancing skills while having fun with friends and family.
  • ★HIGH QUALITY: Experience the best-made slacklining Exercise / home workout kit which has the ability to support a maximum weight of 330lbs (150kg), and withstand a tension of up to 3 tons without any damage.
  • ★SLACKERS SLACKLINE DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM SAFETY: This is the best slackline for kids and beginners, with the 2-inch wide slackline webbing providing just the right surface area for balancing, the ergonomic ratchet with red finger handle promoting efficient tensioning, and the reinforced loop ensuring a firm anchor
  • ★EASY TO STORE & OPERATE SLACKLINE: We’ve included a durable carry bag for incredibly easy storage and portability of the slackline. The balance line ratchet is fitted with a gripped handle to make for comfortable tensioning
  • ★PERFECT FOR HEALTH AND FUN WITH KIDS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS : This slackers slackline kit is suitable for kids aged 5+ and adults, the slackline set provides one of the best core exercises for men and women, improves balance, is great for slackline yoga, and makes for hours of outdoor fun for kids and adults



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